The Company

Established in 2009, Schmetterling is a world-class BPO company providing a host of reliable and innovative IT solutions. Since its inception, Schmetterling has combined its technical expertise and creativity and offers this rare combination to diverse industries ranging from Advertising & Media to Banking, IT and Transportation. A debt-free company, Schmetterling Global.comís corporate profile sits very well with clients and partners alike.

  • Schmetterling operates out of a 5000 square foot facility in Kolkata, India.
  • Schmetterling Global.comí turnover till February 2011 is INR 42.2 million. This figure is expected to reach INR 50 million by year-end.
  • Schmetterling enjoys strong client loyalty & retention with most of the business coming from existing clients.
  • Schmetterling maintains its tradition of technical & creative excellence and total customer satisfaction as its prime objective.

The Attitude

Whether it is through superior software development, web development, telemarketing services or internet marketing, Schmetterling always delivers the highly innovative and customized solutions that add that most value for the clients. At Schmetterling, the overriding concept that influences all the work done is that the smart use of technology can be used to achieve almost anything. This philosophy is complemented by a commitment to integrity. Schmetterling professionals never let go of the banister of honesty and dedication as they work their magic, pushing the boundaries of technology and creativity.

The Success

Today, Schmetterling enjoys the work of its amazing talent, the vision of its visionary principals and the trust & respect of its clients and partners. Serving over 15000 clients globally countries, Schmetterling has had an exponential growth rate of 176% since it began its operations.

The Future

Schmetterling plays many roles; a software development company, web development company, customer service call centers, SEO company etc. Schmetterling is always in a state of perpetual improvement, using every new project to enhance our capabilities. Schmetterling Global.comís team strength of 450 is projected to reach 750 by year-end. The strength of this expanding team is expected to exceed all expectations of the incredible technical and creative success that people have come to associate with Schmetterling

Important Notice

Please Note : Schmetterling does not offer jobs outside India, we have not appointed any agency to offer jobs outside India and we do not ask for any fees or commissions to apply or even work with us when selected.